2PCS R15 Hybrid Rescue golf Wood Set #2-17 . #3-19 . #4-21 . #5-24 With Original Graphite R Flex Shaft Golf Woods Clubs



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2015 New R15 hybrid golf Hybrid wood 17 19 21 24 loft 2pcs/lot graphite shaft wood Clubs set Free Shipping

Club Type:Hybrids wood

Available Gender:Mens

Hybrids wood Lofts:2H 17Degree.3H 19Degree.4H 21Degree.5H 24Degree

Hybrids wood Shaft:Graphite

Hybrids wood Graphite Shaft: R15 TM1-115 R Flex or R15 TM1-115 S Flex

Hybrids wood Shaft Flex:Regular”or”Stiff

Hybrids wood Length: Standard Mens length

Hybrids wood Dexterity:Right Handed

Hybrids wood length :Can be extended or cut short

We could assemble the clubs with the shafts you want. So if your have special requests on the shaft, pls tell us. Thank you.

Shaft Length can be extended or shorten as you required.

Extended Length:+1.5,+1,+0.5(inch)

Shorten Length: -2,-1.5,-1,-0.5(inch)

Thank you very much for coming this shop, thank you!

Product Pictures:

2PCS R15 Hybrid Rescue <font><b>golf</b></font> Wood Set #2-17 . #3-19 . #4-21 . #5-24 With Original Graphite R Flex Shaft <font><b>Golf</b></font> Woods Clubs

NOTE: Some of the clubs in my store are logo removed. If you want to see the complete pictures about the club you want, please contact store owner and I will send you the pictures. Thanks!

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r15-tm1-115-r-flex, r15-tm1-115-s-flex


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